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The Rise of the Space-Pilot

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New Powerups!

I’ve changed the poweup-system.

Defeated aliens now drop an energy-pack, which can be used to improve your ships wepon-systems. You also need these packs to recharge your ships shield, so don’t miss them :) 

After completion of one stage, when the bonustime is displayed, you have the opportunity, to enter the “ship-setup”. Here you can add lasers to one of the ships empty laser-mounts, you can modify the angle of each weapnmount separately, you can improve the pulse-generator (to increase the fire-rate) or you can recharge your ships shield.

Have a try here:

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New Year - new Version!

Hi everybody! 

After some weeks of not working on the game, I proudly present: Version 0.5!!!

Here are some of the new features:

  • new Aliens (blue)
  • Bonustime for fast players (the unused seconds are multiplied by 100 and added to your score)
  • Aliens shoot at the player
  • Aliens movement improved
  • SOUND-FX!!! (activate them in Options-Menu)
Play it here:

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Back to work: The aliens shall be improved!

I’m quite unhappy with the movement of the aliens right now, maybe the new paths, I’m working on, will be the solution to this.

Currently I’m also trying to add some kind of level-definition, so that new stages can be added much easier. More stages, more fun, right?

Watch for updates!

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New Version online!

Finally I managed to implement some new features…

  • Stages (4 currently)
  • Bosses (one for testing…)
  • Weapon-Powerups (increases the fire rate, and switches to the weapon of the powerup) 

Have a look here:

Uhm… Currently, there is some kind of “godmode” active. For testing-purposes… Wait for the next version if you would like some decent challenges :)

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Yeah! Finally they are here: Stages!

Also, the animations (explosions and such stuff) now use animation-spritesheets instead of single images for each frame. I like it :o)

Now i’ll redesign the HUD:

  • displaying the points, 
  • the shield-strength 

And the power-ups also need to be redone.

Maybe I’ll add credits

  • collectable as loot from destroyed aliens (like power-ups)
  • spendable in shops that offer ship-updates

A new, presentable version of the game will probably be up in about one week… much to do until that…

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First big code-review…

… well. After looking at some source-code of “Escape” (from @notch), I’ve decided to recode everything from the beginning.

Here is a humble list of new features:

  • Startscreen with menu 
  • Levels / Stages
  • Boss-Fights
  • Possibly a high-score (Just wondering how i could prevent cheating on the list.. hmm)
  • mooooore Aliens ;o)

Currently i’m working on the Levels / Stages, and some kind of alien-controlling mechanism… The loading of menu-screens and levels is finished and works pretty fine.

A new alpha will be online soon. Well, sort of…